Measure Under COVID-19


Updated on March 6, 2021


We are opened!

We comprise a list of practices appropriated for our business nature.

Health and Safety is the most important and valuable to all of us. 
Thank you for your understanding and apology for all inconvenience caused.

- Meet by appointment is in effect.

Make your appointment now. We will update the actual store hours according to the latest guidelines and regulations of the Quebec government. 

- Maximum capacity of ONE customer inside the store.

Companies and family members may require to wait outside of the store in the shopping mall.

- Facemask before entering is mandatory.


- Cotton gloves are required of the customer.

They are available to borrow at the store if needed but must return after use. They have been very popular with customers, and we currently are scarce in supply...

We wash gloves after each use.

- No fitting allowed except handbags (with gloves on)

We do not want to sanitize our merchandise with spray; we do not know and do not want any possible damage caused by sanitizing agent.

- Washroom is closed from borrow.



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