Manual - Handbag Strap Length Adjuster/ Buckle

This Instruction covers both models with and without screw fastener.


Note: Ensure the strap links have large enough opening for the buckle tips to go through. Minimum opening size is approximate of 3mm x 3mm.


1) For models with a screw fastener. Loosen the screw in the mid-stem  with a Phillips screw driver (Size #000)

2) For models with no screw fastener. Lift the mid-stem to open space between buckle tips.

3) Engage buckle tips through the links to the length you desire.

4) Lower the mid-stem and close the buckle.

5) Fasten the screw in the mid-stem for the model with screw fastener.



Instruction of spring activated buckle

Note: Ensure the chain strap links size is large enough. Minimum opening size is approximate of 4 mmx 4mm


1) Find the links for the desired length adjustment;

2) Pull lever to open one buckle end;

3) Engage tip through the link. Release an close the buckle;

4) Repeat step 3) on the other side.



Maintenance and Care

1) Choose small tips buckle for small links opening or links with leather strap threaded through.

2) It is a metal on metal contact between the buckle and links. A long and continual engagement will inevitably result in various types and degree of wears including scratches, press marks on metal and/ or on leather strap. Use with care.

3) A periodical change of engagement location is recommended to mitigate the chance of wear.