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Our standard installment payment plan offers:

30% initial payment(Down payment), plus

4 equal amount monthly installment payments.


No Interest charges
No Handling or hidden fees

On Product page, select 

Layaway Payment Plan

Then click 


On Check-Out page, 

Note the payable amount is adjusted automatically.

Fill out the information and proceed to payment.



Invoice for the next installment comes in 30 days by email.


Choosing layaway as your payment option means entering a legal binding contract. Both parties have their responsibilities and rights. We encourage you to thoroughly understand the details before making your decision.

So no rush.

We tabulated for you a key information concerning cancellations and penalty below. The FAQ section answers many questions of concern. Visit also the page Layaway Contract Agreement for a better picture of the plan and last but not the least,

You may present us your questions by clicking below

Order Cancellation and Penalty

Early pay off the outstanding (installment or full amount)
First late payment
Payment within 7-days payment extension
Recurring late payment
Order Cancellation + pay 10% product price as penalty
Payment after 7-days payment extension
Order cancellation + pay 10% product price as penalty
Order cancellation within 2 calendar days after purchase
Order cancellation by the Customer during the layaway payment plan but after #5
Pay 15% product price as penalty
Missing payment
Order cancellation + pay 25% product price as penalty


Can I have a customized payment plan?
Yes. You can. Please contact us for details.
Please note, only the standard payment plan structure benefits the interest-free, handling free offer. Customized payment plan may incur additional fee.
Minimum down payment is 20% of the product price.
Maximum number of installment is 9. 
What is the difference between the two payment options currently with Planet Deluxe?
PayBright is a financial institution which offers customers small loan. Applicants are required to get credit approval before purchasing. PayBright guarantees the payments to merchants so customers can enjoy the merchandise right after the payment plan begins.
Layaway payment plan as the name suggests customers make an initial payment to the partial product value to "lay aside the merchandise".  The merchandise will only be shipped out when all invoice amounts settled.
Does Planet Deluxe do a credit check?
No, there is no credit check if the customer choose layaway as payment option.
How do I cancel the order after purchase?
You have to communicate this matter by email only.
You will need to specify in your email the product name and model as well as the order number.

Please note In some cases, the customer needs to pay the penalty of the partial value of the merchandise. For details, please go the the page "Layaway Contract Agreement".

Again we encourage our customers to take time, no rush to buy. Think thoroughly before making a purchase decision.
What if I forget the payment due date?
An invoice will be sent to the customer by email on the payment due date. The customer then has 7 days to complete the payment. Planet Deluxe would send out text message (where possible) to customer as a payment reminder.

In some scenarios, late or missing payment will be taken a contract breaching and lead to order cancellation and penalty. Therefore always make sure you have the payment due date set up in your smart phone. For details, please consult our Layaway Contract Agreement page.
How do I make my payments?
 For the Initial payment or called "Down payment":
The procedure as the same as the normal checkout page. Follow the steps, fill out necessary information and use credit card to complete the order.
Note the payable amount will be adjusted accordingly. 
For recurring installment payments:
In the email notification, there is a link to complete the payment. Simply click and follow the instruction.
Which payment methods are accepted?
Layaway payment plan currently accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards.
How can I track my payments and access my order status?
Once you complete the order, it generate a draft (or called pending ) order in the invoicing system. Unfortunately it is currently accessible only by internal staff. 
You can make your request by email, and we will gladly assist and provide you the up-to-date payment status. 
As per the merchandise, once the order is made, it will be stored away from inquiries or try out.
What if I can 't make the payment on time?
There is a ONE time 7 calendar days payment extension grace period. Customers fulfill the payment within the extension period will not be considered as late payment.
Are there penalty, late charge or NSF fees?
There is no additional charges or fees under the layaway plan except the penalty. Only certain actions will lead to order cancellation and penalty on customers.
Can I get to enjoy the merchandise early?
Yes. Through early payment.
Contact us for your intention; it requires some manual operation on the invoicing.
I do not receive the reminder email for the installment payment.
Please check your spam or junk mail folder. We would usually send out a payment reminder by SMS, but it is not obligatory. 

Should yo need more assistance, please contact us right the way.
What if I still have questions about the Layaway Payment Plan?
For help with your payment plan, please contact us.
How does Layaway Payment plan work?
For our standard interest-free plan:
Layaway splits the purchase amount into a initial payment amount equivalent to a 30% value of the product, and 4 equal amount payment installments.

At checkout, there is a cost break down on your initial payment. In addition to the 30% value of the product, you may also find other cost components like: sales tax (where it applies), shipping cost, shipping protection, and packaging etc. These cost components are not part of the layaway plan and must be pay off in full at the initial payment.

When you complete the down payment, you will receive an email notification about the effective of the payment plan, the product details.

Pay to the invoice amount at the recurring payment due dates. When complete, Planet Deluxe will process the order in compliance to company's standard shipping policy.

For shipping, returns and refunds policy, please visit our website.
How do returns work if I choose Layaway as my payment option?
Purchases made using Layaway Payment Plan are subject to Planet Deluxe TM standard return policy. Any returns will be processed by Planet Deluxe TM, and your balance will be reduced, cancelled, or refunded accordingly. If the Planet Deluxe TM has provided a refund to you via a gift card, you must still continue repaying your installment plan in full. For information on returns, review Planet Deluxe TM's Return and Refunds policy.
Where can I find the details about the Layaway Payment Plan?
You can find them here.
Why don't I see Layaway as a payment option on product page?
Planet Deluxe is a consignment store; we need to have consent from consignors on adding layaway as a payment option. Contact us on the merchandise of interests, and we will negotiate with the consignor for your.
Can I prepay my outstanding layaway balance?
Sure, at any time! There are no penalties or fees for early repayments. To pay off your current balance, please send us a message here.
How much can I spend with Layaway?
There is no limitation on the expense you choose using Layaway as a payment option. The credit limitation has to do your credit card issuing bank.
Is there any fee for choosing Layaway ?
There is no subscription fee, no interest charges, no handling fees, no hidden fees whatsoever by choosing our standard Layaway Payment Plan as your payment option.

Note that the structure of the payment plan may change without prior notice.
Also we have a penalty system on recurring late or missing payment. Please go to the payge Layaway Payment Plan. 
Why is the payable amount shown on invoice is different from my calculation?
On the initial payment invoice, the total payable amount consists of the down payment percentage of the product value plus other expenses including for example shipping cost, sales tax etc. These cost components are not part of the layaway plan and must be paid in full at the initial payment.

Should you find the installment invoice amount different from your calculation, please contact us immediate for assistance. 
When will my layaway payment begin? And what if I want to change the payment schedule?
The payment plan begins when you complete the initial payment. The recurring payment invoice will be sent out 30 calendar days apart as the system setting. Please contact us on questions regarding your payment re-scheduling.
Please note, penalty might apply.
What if I haven't received an email confirmation after purchase? Or if I need additional help with my payment plan?
Check your spam or junk mail box, chances are where the email is diverted. Should you have trouble locating the email, please verify if your credit card has successfully completed the transaction. 
At last, if all attempts fail, please contact us for assistance.
When the order is cancelled, will I still be charged?
No, if order cancellation is made within 2 calendar days after purchase.

Order cancellation by the Customer during the payment plan subjects to penalty, please go to the page Layaway Payment Plan for further details.
How long does it take to get my layaway merchandise?
Our standard Layaway plan structure is one initial payment plus 4 monthly installment payments, making the plan a 5 months duration.
Shipping procedure is the same as normal purchase orders. For more details, please visit our page on Shipping Policy.
I still have questions.
For further information, please contact us by email.
 * Monthly payment amounts, interest, and loan terms may depend on your personal credit profile. Some conditions apply. All transactions are subject to approval by PayBright. Monthly payments may include a processing fee of up to $6.96. Loan offers may vary for customers in the province of Quebec.

 * Certain conditions apply and all transactions are subject to approval by PayBright. The amount of your monthly payment and the interest you will pay depend on your credit report. Monthly payments include a processing fee of up to $6.95 (One to four dollars) depending on the amount of your purchase. Please see terms for full details

 * Your monthly payment amount, the interest you will pay, and the loan terms available depend on your personal credit profile. Conditions apply and all transactions are subject to approval by PayBright.

 * Please note that PayBright is an independent payment company and Planet Deluxe TM has no influence over whether your payment with PayBright is accepted or not. If you have any trouble with your order, please contact PayBright via their website contact form.