Can you spot the fake Chanel?

Try out this exercise and see how good you are at spotting the fakes


In case you are a returner to this page, you will notice the pictures are different.

One of our team members raised doubts about some of the verdicts made. Since we did not reach a unanimous decision, being a responsible seller, we give the benefits of doubt and withdrew the pictures.

Instead, we replace with the followings.

Nothing better than working with a real-life scenario. For ordinary customers, under normal circumstances, the challenge is that we likely would not have a real CHANEL bag side by side next to the other for making a comparison. Therefore it is critical to acquire some skill to discern the anomalies in a bag.

We came across this sale listing 5 months ago. The seller, bear with the strong wording I use, is a recidivist. What I want to say is he repeats selling items that are problematics. Besides, what is annoying is that unlike individuals who would be upfront honest with their selling of replicas and offer products with a hefty discount, this fellow or company charges customers for a real Chanel price. So far, two of his customers came to us for help. Anyway, take a good look below.


fake woc 1     fake woc 2   fake woc 3 

 fake woc 4   fake woc 5   fake woc 6


For those who wants a challenge and not want to jump right the to answers, you can click this  



to get some hints. They are photos of real Chanel Wallet on Chain. Take a closer look and compare them side by side, your effort will pay off.





Here is the ANSWER.




Dec 2020