Detail Information - Orders with Items Retail Value under US$800


(1) General exchange rate: US$1 = CA$1.3. It is a reference only. The actual conversion rate is calculated automatically by Shopify system and display at checkout.

For the sake of simple handling procedure, an order amount of CAD$1000, Planet Deluxe™ convert the value equals to US$800 on the invoice.

For combined items orders with an amount exceeds the value of CAD$1000, Planet Deluxe™ will split the orders of items to multiple invoices that each would not exceed the value of US$800.00.

For orders with single item of value from CAD$1001 and above, Planet Deluxe™ will ship with UPS service. Details is coming soon.


(2) Destination does not include Hawaii and Alaska due to shipping cost. Please contact us for a shipping quotation.


(3) It is to our discretion to provide a suitable protection packaging. Should customer has particular request on shipping package, please contact us before purchase.


(4) Planet Deluxe™ takes an initiative to video record the item packaging process to demonstrate the product condition at shipping and as well as an evidence of what actually shipped. Customers may request for a copy of video record. Please note Planet Deluxe does not assume any responsibility for parcel lost, damaged during transportation.

(5) ChiChats is carrier solution company based in Toronto, Canada. For full details regarding the company and their service, please visit their website.

For Shipment Tracking, please go to: ChiChat Tracking


(6) Information provider: ChiChats. The actual time required to deliver depends on multiple factors.

(7) Order protection service provided by ROUTE Route on shipping with product value up to US$1000 is available at Check Out. For full details, please visit their website.