Can you spot the fake? The answer

Can you spot the fake Chanel?

Based on the pictures, three places give it away as fake.

1) The authenticity card

The letter t and y are not attached. As mentioned in the previous blog, do not overlook this tiny mistake. The replica factories made tons of them. Not everyone all of them is willing to or even aware of the need for the correction.

spot the fake: answer 1


2) The stitches

It is utterly wrong on stitches alignment. It is one single piece of evidence that you should give a pass and walk away. In real Chanel bags, the diamond quilts on the back align with that of the pouch. But on this bag, it is entirely off, suggesting this replica comes from the older production year batch. This kind of stitch alignment issue is resolved a long time ago. Even current replica factories would hold in contempt with this low level of craftsmanship.

What made the entire thing further eerily wrong is that the bag carries a card with a serial number of 25XXXXXX, suggesting a production year from 2018 and up. Insane!

spot the fake: ans 2


3) Mismatch serial number

When you look closely enough, in the last picture the serial number on the certification starts from 2092xxxx, but on the card, it is 2549xxxx. We tried to contact the seller; he asserted that it is the correct certification of the bag.


Okay, thank you but no thanks...

If the certification were real, it was clearly for another WOC. I said "if" because we could not acquire information from the seller and verify the organization of which issuing the certificate.

One of his former customers who got a fake from this seller and came to us for help claimed that the piece of paper was nothing more than a self-proclaim authenticity certificate poorly constructed and came right from an inkjet printer. Well, that's what we were told.

spot the fake: Ans 3 


How about the Chanel logo prints?

fake woc ans 4

The image is too blurry to make anything out of it. Whether done intentionally or not, it does not matter anymore. The three pieces of evidence are strong enough to render a final verdict and close the case.





Thank you