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Chanel charm to give awaychanel charm to give away


Special thanks to my friend who give away this charm to make this possible



In order to win this beautiful Chanel charm, the details are the following:


To enter:

1) Follow Planet Deluxe Instagram account @planet.deluxe ;

2) Find this giveaway post and like it; 

3) Tag a friend in the comment section.

Each tag of your friend counts as an additional entry. So if you tag 100 friends (Not the same person ;D) then you have a 100 chances to win this prize.



1) Deadline: 12:00am, December 14, 2020 

2) Free shipping. As long as your address is on planet earth, we ship you the prize for free. Note we will use Canada post and will shoot the winner a photo on the package with stamps. BUT, we can not guarantee problem free during transportation. Thank you for you understanding.

3) You need to be 13+ of ages to enter this giveaway contest.

4) The winner will be randomly selected and posted on Instagram.


Disclaimer: Planet Deluxe is not associated with any designer brands. All copyrights are reserved to the original brand.



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