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Quiz time: How to Tell a Fake Chanel From Photos

Test your fakes detector skill on this  real-life scenario exercise.

Let's be realistic and get down to the bottom.

The most likely chance which a person ends up needing to check for a real Chanel bag would be absolutely nothing like we see on YouTube.

A well groomed host with an authentic brand new Chanel bag in brand new perfect condition sitting one side of the table, and on the other side another bag its phony identity was revealed by right from the start. And the video clip continues with a point by point comparison (unfortunately some not, but fill up a great deal of time making vague statements) and the camera pans between the fake and the real deal. This is surreal, and not practical.

The real challenge a person will face is when sitting right in front of the eyes a Chanel bag I was about to make a purchase on and the seller sitting across the table watching closely and might or might not be much help to ease my anxiety.

So I prepare a quiz  exercise for you. 

You might want to refresh your memory with my previous blogs from the links below." They sure are not exhaustive but should prove to be useful.

The battle against fakes is intense and dynamic. Things are changing fast; slacking off is not an option.


Below are six photos of a sell listing on a Chanel WOC. It is confirmed fake. ( I know the seller would never agree) Base on the pictures, how can you tell? How many errors can you find?



 fake WOC 1 fake WOC 2 fake woc 3 

fake WOC 3    fake woc 5  fake woc 6




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Thank you



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