5 minutes how to tell an authentic Chanel bag from the fakes part 4

1 Hidden Feature in Chanel Authenticity Cards



A powerful authentication technique that even experts do not know about

5 minutes to tell an authentic Chanel bag

Come to part four of the blog series, I will reveal to you an extremely powerful technique to authenticate a  Chanel bag.

It is so simple, and it will blow your mind completely. At the end of the post, yes, you will likely find yourself in a position where you know something even the experts don't. Without further delay, let's dive into it.

Earlier on, I addressed to all Chanel bag owners, to put away and keep the card safe. I believe many of us still are not aware of Chanel's particular feature in making the authenticity card. I hope after reading, we will appreciate the effort Chanel puts into fighting against counterfeit. 


CHANEL uses “Invisible ink”


In case you did not read the blogs from the beginning, allow me to bring up a point here: You need a UV flashlight to authenticate a genuine Chanel bag efficiently, objectively and professionally. It will be a powerful weapon that comes in handy.

One way to acquire the flashlight is by DIY. There are plenty of videos on the internet. One video I like the most is to convert the cell phone flash with simple tools: two sections of clear tape, red and blue marker. That is all the requirements: Simple to install and to remove. ( I embed the link here directly, so you can click and go straight to it). The other option is to get one from the local hardware store or buy it online. My latest update is about $15-$30 each. The price went up quite a bit. 


Let’s dive into the topic today.

The anti-counterfeit technology Chanel employed is Fluorescent Ink, a commonly used technology on banknotes. 

In this case, under UV light, every single Chanel authenticity card will have one single text line that glows super white like this:



authenticity card before UV light

 Line glow white


You may need patience on this. For someone, it does not come apparent right the way, so give it a try a couple more times. On the other hand, try with another flashlight. I am serious about it. 

I got the courier on a bag, but my flashlight is lost. I spent a couple of days searching in vain, so I decided to dig up an oldy I remembered left in the garage years ago. After put in the batteries, the flashlight was good to go. Tried on the card, the first, the second, the third, and the fourth time, nothing; there is no glowing on the card. Before I got panic, I went to grab a new one from the locate hardware store for $20 and hurrah. The glowing text line is there. 


Which line glows?

It is tricky because we need to do some calculations here.

Recall that there is a total of eleven text lines in the back of the card. Which line will glow varies from bag to bag, but there is a method to tell. Okay, Chanel not only uses invisible ink, but they put effort into making the fakes harder to duplicate. Pretty impressive.

So here is how it works.

11 lines of text

There are 11 text lines. Take the first two digits of the serial number and subtract 11, or subtract the multiples of 11. The result is the number in which the line of text glows.

For example:

19 – 11= 8

 line 8 glows

Line no. 8 glows under UV light.


Couple more demonstrations:

22-11= 11

line 11 glows

 Line no. 11 glows.


line 7 glows

Line no. 7 glows.



line no. 6 glow

Line no.6 glows.


What about the serial number starts with 11?

You may wonder, what about serial number begins with 11? According to my check, there is no glowing text line.

11-11= 0

 Line no. 0 glow

Nothing glows with serial number starts with 11xxxxxx.

The same finding applies to the older cards. For example, for those bags with a 7-digit serial number, no white line glows under UV either.

no glows on 7-digit sn card

Nothing glows on 7-digit serial number card either.


Now I hope you will appreciate Chanel more. It is rare to find a luxury fashion company putting so much deliberate efforts on fighting counterfeit. That is also the reason why I like Chanel.

In the end, allow me to explain again that I do not hold any final authority on these claims. I am in no way associated with the brand; they are findings from my personal studies only. So I am open to correction. Please write me comments on what you know.

Also please refer us in your quotes, or sharing, or in your social media. We would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for reading.



An afternote: updated on 03-23-2021

Previously, I got an inquiry to inspect a WOC for a return 'customer.' I put a bracket because she did not buy from us last time. It is okay with us, as long as our time permits and we are still holding fast to our faith of promoting authentic Chanel bags and other authentic preloved luxuries etc., we do our best to help.

I write to forewarn those who are the first time or the causal buyers. First, I am not pushing to buy from me. Second, the sad case keeps repeating.

A typical scenario: Big discount offer on a almost new late popular models (15%, 20%, 25% you name it, off from the retail price, used 2-3 times) Okay, just ditch whatever I wrote in previous version on something like no photos inside the bag, nor on the sticker label, and certainly no mentions on the authenticity card, etc., and ask:




That you being the luckiest person on earth on that particular day, that only you who googled for the bag and found it and only for you alone and is still available at a hefty discount?

I can not be more direct and blunt.

I have never or ever heard of CHANEL offer discounts to general public. On the crazy hot products? You are out of your mind. When you are so hit by adrenaline and in such faith you gonna get a 'used twice' Chanel19 flap bag at a price 20% off from new, COOL DOWN!!! 

Chanel uses Scarcity principle and I strongly believe that. Their late models, strangely and surely always out of stock and creates a sense of must-have sentiment and drives people nuts. And you literally believe you can get one of those at a discount??

Let's take one step back. Have you check the seller's other listings. Is it a single independent case from seller's wardrobe or there are dozen of crazily sought-after models ready on-shelf?

When I come across this situation and I did in quite few occasions, I always wonder. But first let's give a benefit of doubt. Let's assume all these are genuine; I am the luckiest person in the galaxy on that day, all the bags I saw are real deal.




With dozen of 'new' looking latest version Birkin bags, Constance, Chanel 19 and 20 bags etc., wow, then that seller must be surely affluent with wealth and spent about million dollars purchase just couple months from the moment now where he or she is willing to forfeit them. "Well, wealthy people think differently." Okay. How about the seller is willing to put time and effort into taking nice shots on products, photo editing, and the trouble posting them on IG, website etc. "Might be they hire someone to take care of the hustles and bustles."  

... um


It just does not add up, my dear friends. Forgive me if I have been rude here. Tragedy repeats and from my opinion, could be avoided in most cases.

Yes, with certainty, for a chance someone wants to get rid of the wardrobe and let some goodies fall through fingers, super rare but sure there is. I say this from my personal experience. But no way it is by chance like I happen to google it while being bored at work. 

Anyway, back to the story. The seller never provide even a snapshot on the label sticker nor the card, and pressed closing the deal since there were other interested but been hold up just for her etc. So, I invited her to our shop with the seller and the bag, and we will do an authentication check at a small cost at anytime convenience to the seller.

The outcome is just as expected; the seller declined to show up.





Ready for a challenge?

Interested to find out how good are you on spotting fakes Chanel?

I prepare some hopefully interesting test for you (one so far, more to come).

Click the bag to go the exercise.



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